Beki and Maria discuss the difference between Scandinavia and “Minnesota Nice.” But more importantly, they talk about racially offensive phrases to consider dropping–including “urban” and “inner city”–and the importance of understanding others’ viewpoints and experiences, so you can become a better ally. 

3:32: The difference between Scandinavia and the Midwest

5:38: Why you shouldn’t use terms including “urban,” “inner-city,” “no can do” and more. From a PR Daily article written by Toni Harrison, CEO of Etched Communications and Managing Partner/President of Ten35:

10:22: “Everything starts with communication.” – @tonihmedia How can we stop using offensive phrases if we don’t know that they’re triggering? It’s so important to listen. 

11:05: Add “underprivileged” and “low-income” to the list, via Alicia Gibbs–along with questioning what words mean globally and in different contexts. Also, should we change the conversation, instead of only debating terms and words? 

15:26: Why our words matter–and why everything really does start with communication. It’s the inspiration for our podcast! “We have to do better and be better, and try harder. And none of those things can happen without understanding what we’re doing incorrectly.” – @bekiweki

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