Children of the Dragon

The owner of Amplified Marketing, instructor at General Assembly and volunteer at The Arthritis Foundation, Anh shares her background as a first-generation American immigrant from Vietnam and why she’s so passionate about what she does... Read More

It’s Not All Hashtags and Rainbows

Michael Kaye, Global Communications Manager at OKCupid and member of the steering committee for the Human Rights Campaign’s Greater New York Chapter, joins us to talk about the growing number of people supporting social justice... Read More

Words Matter

Beki and Maria discuss the difference between Scandinavia and “Minnesota Nice.” But more importantly, they talk about racially offensive phrases to consider dropping–including “urban” and “inner city”–and the importance of understanding others’ viewpoints and experiences,... Read More


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    Beki Winchel

    Beki Winchel is a conference and content producer, writer and total nerd. She loves social media, pop culture, PR, entrepreneurship, traveling and the cutest basset hound ever, Sir Tibbles Waddlesworth (@sirtibblesdog). She also spends way too much time on Reddit, Design Home and Wizards Unite.

      Maria Ljungbeck

      Maria Ljungbeck is a comms fiend (well, that’s how she likes to see herself), and is passionate about culture, diversity and inclusion, and people in general. Maria also really, really loves cats. People and cats. That’s her jam.

        Becoming Allies

        Denis Dervisevic is a software developer from Gothenburg, Sweden and is married to Beki. He's not a host on the show but a technical producer, editor and runs the site/tech. He is a huge podcast nerd, favorites include Hello Internet and Reply All. He also likes to play with Sir Tibbles.